Basement Crack Repair

basement crack repair

Key Takeaways

  • Cracks in the Basement Signal Urgent Attention to Prevent Structural Damage and Water Infiltration
  • Full Basement Waterproofing Westchester Has Over 20 Years of Experience in Effectively Repairing Various Types of Basement and Foundation Cracks
  • State-of-the-Art Techniques Like Epoxy and Polyurethane Foam Injections Are Used to Ensure a Durable Seal Against Future Damage
  • The Team Employs Precise and Tailored Strategies to Address and Repair the Root Cause of Basement and Foundation Cracks
  • Their Approach Not Only Fixes Current Damages but Also Strengthens the Affected Areas to Withstand Future Stress and Water Ingress


At Full Basement Waterproofing Westchester, repairing a crack in a basement wall begins with a thorough assessment to determine the crack’s origin – be it due to water pressure from the outside soil or structural shifts within the building itself. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, such as epoxy or polyurethane foam injections, the team ensures a durable seal that not only repairs but also prevents future infiltration.

The process involves cleaning the crack area thoroughly, removing any debris or dust with a wire brush, and then applying the chosen material with precision. Whether it’s epoxy, known for its strength and bonding capabilities, or polyurethane foam, celebrated for its flexibility and water resistance, the right solution is applied to mend the basement wall effectively. This approach not only restores the wall’s structural integrity but also significantly reduces the risk of future water damage.


Cracks in the basement floor require immediate attention as they pose risks beyond surface irregularities, potentially leading to water infiltration and structural weaknesses. Full Basement Waterproofing Westchester employs advanced techniques to address these floor fractures, ensuring a solid and moisture-resistant surface. By injecting specialized concrete repair materials, the team effectively seals the cracks, preventing water from seeping through and safeguarding the integrity of the basement floor.

Employing a combination of meticulous inspection and precision repair work, the experts at Full Basement Waterproofing Westchester identify the root cause of the basement floor cracks. Choosing the appropriate filler material, whether it’s rigid for those hairline fractures or a more flexible sealant for wider gaps, is critical to a lasting repair. This proactive approach not only fixes the current damage but also equips the basement floor to withstand future stress and strain, maintaining its strength and functionality.


Repairing a crack in the basement foundation demands a nuanced understanding of building structures, requiring not only a keen eye but also a mastery of repair techniques. Full Basement Waterproofing Westchester employs a multifaceted strategy, incorporating the latest in crack injection technology with traditional methods to ensure a comprehensive fix. The team starts by identifying the cause, whether it’s due to external pressures or internal factors, and then proceeds with a tailored solution that reinstates the foundation’s stability and integrity.

Utilizing a mix of advanced materials like epoxy, polyurethane foam, and hydraulic cement, tailored to the specific requirements of each foundation crack, the specialists at Full Basement Waterproofing Westchester deliver repairs that are both robust and long-lasting. Their approach not only seals the cracks effectively but also fortifies the foundation against potential shifts and water ingress with sealant, ensuring a secure and dry basement for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Full Basement Waterproofing Westchester employs a thorough approach to basement crack repair by implementing advanced techniques such as epoxy and polyurethane foam injections, ensuring both immediate and lasting solutions to prevent water infiltration and structural damage. This experienced foundation contractor tailors each repair strategy to the specific needs of your basement, addressing the root cause of cracks and leaks while ensuring the structural integrity of your home.

Basement cracks, a common homeowner concern, often stem from natural soil pressure against the foundation walls or occur as a result of foundation settling over time. Additionally, water infiltration, which can expand and contract foundation materials due to freezing and thawing cycles, also contributes significantly to basement crack formation. The use of concrete sealant is recommended to address these issues.

Addressing basement crack repair promptly is crucial; delaying can lead to more extensive and costly damage as water seeps through concrete, undermining the structure’s integrity. Rapid action prevents the escalation of water damage caused by moisture infiltration, such as mold growth and weakened foundational support.

Full Basement Waterproofing Westchester employs a dynamic approach to basement crack repair, primarily utilizing epoxy and polyurethane foam injections. This method not only seals the crack and prevents water infiltration but also stabilizes the wall to mitigate the risk of future cracks.

The duration of a basement crack repair can vary significantly based on the extent of the damage and the repair method used, typically ranging from a few hours to several days. Factors such as the size and depth of the crack, the condition of the concrete, and the repair technique—whether it be epoxy or polyurethane foam injection, or more extensive structural repairs—affect the timeline.

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